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    We believe that having an awareness and experience of secure attachment leads to a more compassionate society
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We use the Circle of Security approach to support…

Why HeartShift?

At HeartShift we love to see caregivers AND children thrive. For us, the two go hand in hand. Through the lens of attachment, we create spaces where you feel safe enough to explore your child’s needs, and the stuff we carry that gets in the way. We use The Circle of Security Parenting (COS) approach to inform our practice and workshops.

We routinely deliver the 8-week COS-Parenting course and can adapt the intervention to suit your needs.

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Why The Circle?

The Circle really takes the guesswork out of understanding your child's needs. Internationally acclaimed, Circle of Security Parenting (COSP) is both research-based and reflection-driven. It translates across all cultures, and backgrounds putting into a simple graphic what it means to be in a trusting and safe relationship.

A secure base from which to explore and a safe haven to come back to is central to all of us.

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What others are saying...

  • “I think my children feel better understood in the last few weeks. It feels like the beginning of a process of change for our family.”
  • “I have found the course to be life changing. It just makes so much sense to me when I look at my child and her behaviour. I wish it could be available to every parent out there.”
  • “If all parents attended this course, the future of our world would look a lot brighter - with people being more emotionally attuned to one another and less hatred and heartache.”
  • “I was looking for a way to ‘fix’ my feisty, fiery 4 year old and her tantrums. What happened during the 8 weeks was quite unexpected... I was fixed.”
  • “I’ve learnt that perfection is not what we’re after and that it is a journey and our mistakes can be repaired.”

Safety in Connection

HeartShift Workshops and Parent-Support groups create the safety you need to be the best caregiver you can be. We provide spaces where you feel secure enough to reconnect with your own feelings and past experiences. This frees you to better connect with your child and others. 
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Finding the right support as a parent can feel overwhelming. The HeartShift Book-Club is a non-committal, easy first step to connecting with others. It’s a great opportunity to hear the latest on child development, and ask your parenting questions.
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