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The Courage to Love
Our passion is to see caregivers discover how to value themselves and their children well

About us

HeartShift was born from the desire to create safe and honest spaces for all caregivers to explore their capacity for loving well. Offering an awareness of attachment and the power of reflection, we get caregivers started on a life-long path towards healthier relating and connecting.

The faces behind HeartShift

Two mums connected by the Circle and the passion to share it with others
Beverley Molver
I am a recovering perfectionist and mother to three lively school-children. My journey to this point really started as I was beginning to unravel after my third child. Despite trying to parent consciously, it was the Circle of Security that gave me the courage to self-reflect and learn from my mistakes. I am passionate about dispelling shame by sharing our struggles. As a COSP facilitator, my desire is to help all families - from the Cape Flats to the City Bowl. When not chasing after my kids, I love running in the forest with my labradoodle and connecting with God on my yoga mat under a blue sky.
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Neda O’Donovan
I am a Play therapist and mother of two teenage daughters. I have over twenty years experience working in a variety of settings, including: a Montessori school in London; home-based therapy with autistic children; teaching special needs in a mainstream setting, running my own play school, and running a literacy programme in underprivileged areas. I have found the Circle of Security has been an invaluable tool for myself as a mother, as well as actively engaging the parents that I work with. I love spending time with friends over a cup of good coffee or a glass of South African wine.
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Compassion practice is daring. It involves learning to relax and allow ourselves to move gently toward what scares us.
- Pema Chödrön

Other COSP Facilitators

Carly Abramovitz
Carly runs Carly’s Couch, a clinical psychology practice in Cape Town. She’s all about making therapy non-threatening and accessible. Carly also offers workshops to support the psychological and emotional changes experienced in early parenthood, as well as coaching courses for couples.  You can find her on instagram or tune in to her podcast
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Megan Boyce
Meg is a Registered Specialist Wellness Counsellor and Play Therapist based in Cape Town. She has a gentle, lighthearted approach with her clients who range from children and adolescents to parents. Meg is a big advocate for self-love, and a passion-filled wife, pet mum and lover of South Africa.
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