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Building a Secure Future
Transforming patterns of dysfunction and hurt begins with us and it begins at home

Our Vision

We believe that everyone deserves a chance to heal.
We believe that healing requires immense courage and psychological safety.
We believe that when caregivers heal, their children stand a better chance of being whole.

Transforming Generations

Our hope is to:
To support all parents and caregivers in establishing secure relationships with the children in their care
To change the cycle of heart-ache, neglect and abuse by supporting communities and those working in under-resourced areas to do the same
To create spaces in which adults feel safe enough to explore and make sense of their own childhood histories so patterns of relational hurt are not repeated.
What's done to children, they will do to society
- Karl Menninger M.D.

One Relationship at a Time

Our plan is to:
Offer affordable programmes and workshops, in particular the Circle of Security Parenting intervention, based on decades of attachment research.
Partner with agencies, organisations and charities to build relational capacity and strengthen existing family support structures
Work with day-care centres, preschools and schools to support teaching staff and bring relational security into the classroom.
This is one South Africa. Join us as we learn to heal for our children, and offer them the best chance of relational health.
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