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A Love that Lifts
We believe that parenting is about creating a long-lasting connection between you and your child

For Parents & Caregivers


Circle of Security Parenting

8-week Course - for anyone caring for children
COS-P offers you the time, space and language you need to look at the relationship between you and your child. You’ll learn about attachment needs and how to meet them. You’ll also get to reflect on your own experiences of being parented and why some needs are more difficult to meet than others.

In a group, or one-on-one

COS-P facilitators are trained to help you:
Make sense of your child’s emotional world & behaviours
Recognise attachment needs and how they play out daily
Support your child’s ability to manage their big feelings
Nurture your child’s need for autonomy & sense of belonging
Understand your own struggles and childhood experiences
Repair mistakes in a way that strengthens the connection
We unpack the Circle together, giving you the understanding and wisdom to keep up the important work of building secure attachment.
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We each seek to know that we are held in the mind and heart 
of another.
Diana Fosha, Ph.D

Life after The Circle

For all who’ve done the course
You’ve been on the 8-week journey and now what? Discovering new ways to be with your child takes support and practice. 

Here are some ways to stay connected…

COSP Uncensored

A weekly Support Group
This is a loosely facilitated, online, ‘drop-in’ space. It brings together former COSP-ers as a way to stay on the ‘Path to Security’. It’s also the readily available ‘Bigger Pair of Hands’ to keep holding you as you do the hard work of reflecting and caring. Bring your questions, reflections or just use it as a space to vent!

COSP Re-Visited

Catch-up Course Sessions
These ad-hoc sessions taken straight from the 8-week course give you a chance to revisit key concepts. There is always something ‘hidden in plain sight’ and waiting to be discovered. This is a sure way to continue your exploration, or catch up on sessions you might have missed.
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There is no act of love that is not an act of work and courage. 
No exceptions.
- M. Scott Peck

Taster Workshops

For all who nurture & care
Secure attachment is primarily felt. In these individual workshops, we offer you an experience of safety that you can take home with you. It’s a holding space where you can connect with yourself and meet with other caregivers.

‘Being With’ Workshop

Available On Request or see set-dates
‘Being with’ is a foundational concept from the COSP course, and is the way we support children in organising their feelings. It’s also how we become a safe place so that our child can come to us with whatever they’re experiencing. We explore what it’s like to find connection in the midst of difficult emotions.
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‘Delight In’ Workshop

Coming Soon
When we ‘delight-in’ we focus on the ‘being’ rather than the 'doing'. Feeling valued for who we are is the root of self-esteem and makes the joy of mastery possible. This workshop reveals the power of delight and its impact on the brain. We also remind you of just how special you are to your child.

HeartShift Book-Club

For all wanting to expand hearts & minds
So much expert wisdom out there and so little time! Once a term, we meet to unpack the latest on child development, neuroscience and attachment theory. Think of it as a space to connect with different parts of your parenting brain, without even having to make an effort. We’ll do the reading and digesting for you. We’ll even have a go at answering some of your questions!
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